Virtual Therapy and Medication Management: Get Prescribed Online

Following the 2020 pandemic, virtual became the new normal. We are working virtually, going to school virtually, socializing virtually, and now we are even receiving healthcare virtually. The number of people suffering from mental illnesses are higher than ever anticipated, and that calls for greater accessibility to therapy and medication management. While many people were hesitant to consider virtual counseling before, research has proven it to be just as successful, with even greater benefits. 

6 Big benefits of virtual therapy

Open up in your own safe space: Virtual therapy comes with many benefits, one of the best being the comfort of your own environment. Many people will avoid going to a therapist in the first place simply because they are not comfortable. Virtual therapy has become such a popular option because it allows individuals to open up in a space that puts them at ease.

Privacy: The fear of being seen in a therapist’s waiting room can be a dealbreaker for people. Treating your mental health is a private journey between you and the therapist. Choosing virtual therapy ensures extreme confidentiality so that you can focus on healing. 

Efficiency: Virtual therapy has proven to be highly efficient for its consistency. Getting to your therapist’s office to meet for an appointment isn’t always easy. Commutes can be frustrating and stressful for clients already prone to anxiety. When getting to the therapist becomes stressful, it’s easy to cancel and push off rescheduling. After all, time is one of our most precious resources! With virtual therapy, you can easily attend appointments while staying consistent with your treatment plan.

Accessibility: Another common dealbreaker when choosing therapy is time. The commute alone can make it extremely difficult for people to attend therapy. Whether you are a busy parent, traveling too often, or juggling school while working, virtual therapy gives you the freedom to receive help on your own timeline in a place that works for you. 

Illness: Virtual therapy kicked off during COVID-19 and we are still managing public health and safety more than a year later. Choosing virtual therapy means that you can receive the counseling you need even if you are sick. Whether you have come in contact with COVID-19 or simply have a mild cold, you can still receive help while keeping your therapist safe. 

No wait time: If you are already strapped for time, adding a potential wait time into the equation can be frustrating or cause anxiety. Virtual therapy solves this in an instant! This has become a great time manager for both therapists and clients due to the designated start and end time of each video session. 

How do I get medication prescribed online?

The goal of virtual therapy is to make healthcare as accessible as possible. Just because you require medication does not mean things should become any more difficult. The team at McNulty Counseling and Wellness are here to help you, including prescribing and managing medication. If you feel as though anxiety or depression has taken over your daily life, we are here to help you navigate! The first step in getting medication prescribed online is setting up a virtual therapy appointment. Our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will help determine the type of medication you need while monitoring your progress along the way. Many people suffer with their mental health but don’t seek help because they’re embarrassed or unsure of who to see. We want you to feel confident that a psychiatric evaluation is a healthy next step. Our psychiatric nurse practitioner, Bernadette has worked in the industry for over 40 years, and is highly dedicated to establishing a healthy treatment plan for you. 

Bernadette Ackerman biopic

“I have a love for both therapy and medication management. This is the combination that I think is most effective in treating the majority of our mental health issues today. I have over 20 years of experience as a nurse practitioner, and I approach every client in a very holistic manner. I believe very strongly that use of medication is a tool, one of many, to achieve optimal mental health.”

At McNulty Counseling and Wellness, we offer many counseling services that can be hosted virtually. These supportive services include family counseling, counseling for children, couple’s and marriage counseling, counseling for teens, individual counseling, counseling for parents, counseling for college students, counseling for depression, anxiety treatment and even art therapy. Whatever your reason for therapy may be, we have many wonderful counselors eager to help you. 

Virtual therapy options at McNulty Counseling and Wellness 

Online therapy is an amazing tool for anyone who wants to incorporate mental health counseling into their life without the worries or stress of going to a physical appointment. Whether you just need someone to talk to, or are interested in medication for a more severe illness, the team at McNulty Counseling and Wellness is here for you. To schedule an in-person or remote counseling session, contact us here or call us at 727-344-9867.