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Whether you’re interested in therapy or counseling services for yourself or a loved one, by being here you’ve already taken the courageous first step towards a healthy solution. For years, members of the Tampa Bay communities have trusted us as the leading experts in mental health.

Every therapist who works at McNulty Counseling and Wellness is passionate about helping people. We deliver the most effective and efficient therapy modalities, with your well-being at the core of what we do.

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Experience Matters. Altogether, the clinicians at McNulty Counseling and Wellness have accumulated over 190,000 face to face sessions over the past few decades
50% of all mental health issues start by 14 years of age (WHO.int).
38% of adolescent girls struggle with an anxiety disorder vs. 26% of boys (NIMH.NIH.gov).
42% of young adults 18-25 with a mental illness go untreated (SAMHSA.gov).

Counseling For All Aspects of Life

We understand that life can be overwhelming. When life presents these challenges, It can leave you feeling mentally exhausted and helpless. It’s important to build a foundation that can support this pressure – That’s what we’re here for.

Our team has helped thousands of clients like yourself to overcome negative thinking and seemingly unbreakable behavioral patterns. We focus on restoring vitality to your mental and physical health – It’s important to remember that change is always possible even though it may not seem like it.

Our Counseling Services

With offices in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Sarasota, McNulty Counseling and Wellness offers a wide range of services that target the unique needs of our community. Here are some of the services we offer:

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Anxiety Treatment

While stress is a normal emotion throughout life, ongoing stress and anxiety can impact your physical and mental health. Learning ways to manage stress and anxiety is an important step in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about Therapy for Anxiety

Couples & Marriage Counseling

While every couple who comes to couples or marriage counseling has a unique relationship, there are common concerns we hear during couples therapy.  The good news is that our therapists are experts in relationship issues.

Learn more about Couples Counseling

Psychiatric Services

We offer intensive collaboration between your therapist and your psychiatric nurse practitioner when coming to our office for psychiatric help so that you’re getting the most effective and efficient treatment possible.

Learn more about Psychiatric Services

Counseling For Children

Our Team uses an alternative counseling approach, so that you can have an active role in the treatment of your child. We understand that all children are unique. For this reason, guardians are included in the treatment plan to reach optimal mental health.

Learn more about counseling for children

Counseling for College Students

College can be a true test of independence. It may seem like other students are adjusting perfectly to their new lifestyle, while you’re struggling to find balance. Our team aims to establish confidence and healthy coping practices for an enjoyable and healthy life transition.

Learn more about counseling for college students

Counseling for Families

Family counseling can help better understand one another as you face the emotions associated with stress. Learning about coping skills, healthy boundaries, and better communication can help you grow stronger as a family.

Learn more about counseling for families

Counseling for Women

We understand the challenges and stressors placed on women today. Females are faced with societal expectations that can be extremely taxing to a woman’s physical and mental health. Gaining confidence through life-coaching can greatly impact your overall self worth, relationships and more

Learn more about Counseling for Women

Counseling for Teens

Teens are subject to an intense amount of anxiety and stress as a result of puberty. Understanding this growth and development process fosters independence and healthy relationships among friends and family.

Learn more about counseling for teens

LQBTQ Counseling

Individuals of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer ( LGBTQ) community, face unique experiences which can be a overwhelming and even confusing. Whether you are personally lost within your journey, or overwhelmed as a whole, we are here to ensure you – that’s completely okay.

Learn more about LGBTQ+ counseling

Life Coaching

We use a goal-oriented approach, focusing on your individual strengths to get you to where you want to be. Life coaching helps develop personal skills, while reducing stress for optimal success and awareness.

Learn more about life coaching

Remote Counseling Services

Although it is recommended that you see a therapist face-to-face for your first session or two, we understand that this is not always possible. Virtual therapy is an amazing tool for those who are ready for help, but wish to start the process in their comfort zone.

Learn more about remote counseling services

Parent Counseling and Consultation

Parenting is challenging, and it’s important to remember that you are not alone. If you are struggling to effectively parent a pre-teen or teenager, we are here to support and guide you through this journey.

Learn more about Parent Counseling and Consultation

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is used as a creative tool to promote overall mental wellness. This method can greatly impact your cognitive and social wellbeing, including a number of other benefits which support a healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about Art Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with your inner emotions and, instead, accept these deeper feelings as appropriate responses to certain situations that should not prevent them from living the life you want to.

Learn more about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Depression Treatment

The therapists at McNulty Counseling see clients with depression every day. More importantly, we help and witness clients getting better every day. If you feel hopeless right now, let us carry hope for you.

Learn more about therapy for depression

Our Therapists Are the Difference

Successful therapy depends on the relationship between you and the therapist. One of the most important steps when choosing therapy is choosing someone who makes you feel comfortable and understood. 

Many of our clients have had undesirable therapy experiences, due to their lack of connection or confidence in their last counselor. We have a variety of professional personalities, so that you can find the best fit for you. It is our goal to improve the mental health of as many people as possible in the Pinellas County area.

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Dr. Joyce Carter
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Learn More

Lindsey Brooks
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Board Certified Art Therapist

Learn More

Bjorn Nagle
Reg. Mental Health Counselor Intern & Licensed Massage Therapist

Learn More

Debby Vargas
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Learn More

Travis McNulty
Founder, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Guardian Ad Litem

Learn More

Carolyn McNulty
Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Guardian Ad Litem

Learn More

Emily Camera
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Learn More

Soula Hareas
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Learn More

Emily Tripp
LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Learn More

Nicole Wilson
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Learn More

Sarah Drew
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Learn More

Rachel DeStefano
LMHC, LMFT, Certified Addictions Counselor

Learn More

Lana Nagle
Nurse Practitioner

Learn More

Shea Dickey
Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

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Katie Lopez
Client Care and Outreach Coordinator

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How Can McNulty Counseling Help Me and My Situation?

We can handle the hard stuff! Our team was established so that no matter what you’re going through, we have a professional that specializes in helping your specific needs.

Our mission is to break the stigma about receiving mental health counseling, and give people the best psychotherapy possible. Our goal is to empower long-term, sustainable change to better the people who make up our Tampa Bay community.

By Being Here, You Are Already Taking The Courageous First Step.

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How Can McNulty Counseling Help Me and My Situation?

We can handle the hard stuff! There is no problem, too big or too small, that we can’t help with when it comes to mental health counseling. McNulty Counseling and Wellness was created so that no matter what you’re going through, we have a counselor on staff that specializes in helping you heal from whatever difficulty you are currently facing. It’s the McNulty Mission to break the stigma about receiving mental health counseling, giving people the best psychotherapy, and to empower, long-term, sustainable change to better the people who make up our St. Petersburg community.

By being here, you are already taking the courageous first step.

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What Our Clients Say

Shay Peters
Shay Peters
My therapist Nicole Wilson is so absolutely amazing! This practice is welcoming. Comfortable setting. Wide range of therapies. The EMDR is such a valuable tool and not widely available. These therapists really do care about you. I have always felt safe and supported under their guidance. I’ve had some of the most amazing breakthroughs and experiences with Nicole. Trauma, depression, anxiety, family counseling, art and play therapy - they cover it all and then some. I have referred some of the people I love to this practice and they all love McNulty Counseling and their cadre of qualified, experienced, professional skilled therapists. My therapist always follows up after difficult sessions and send me resources for using the tools we build in session. You matter, I matter, and we all deserve to heal. If you’re on the fence, please take a leap of faith and book a session. Literal miracles happen in those offices. I could write a novel, and I love this place and this staff.
Becky Jeter
Becky Jeter
Emily Tripp truly saved my life. I have been to many therapists before, but no one has understood me, nor empowered me the way Emily has. She took the time to really hear my concerns; not just concerning my trauma dynamics but about my concerns toward the mental health industry as a whole. That alone made a great impact in being able to trust her. She is so trustworthy. I’ve had a lot of anger and disappointment towards my past experiences from mental health professionals. Emily listened, and believed me. Which was detrimental to my care and needs. I whole heartedly believe Emily Tripp is changing the industry by being authentic, trustworthy and empowering. I appreciate her dearly for helping me reconnect to my personal resiliency. I have never felt this empowered to handle my brain and body. I have built self-support through her techniques. Feelings of helplessness have slowly dissipated, and have been replaced with self assurance. This was worth every penny. Thank you Emily for helping me, find me again.
Lindsay Garcia
Lindsay Garcia
Emily Camera is truly the best therapist I have ever worked with. She is kind, compassionate, realistic and knowledgeable. She gives great guidance without being pushy or forcing any ideas on you. She’s truly the best out there for DBT. ❤️❤️❤️
Yadira Hernandez
Yadira Hernandez
I would like to recommend to anyone and everyone McNulty Counseling and Wellness. They have changed my life and helped me in life. Mental health is packed with taboos and was always hard to conquer. They have changed my life and have helped me every step of the way giving me the recourses I need to improve. They don’t just ask how does that make you feel. They actually help. Please do yourself a favor and come to them. It truly works. I feel safe, protected and comfortable. There are not enough words for me to describe how life changing they have been. It’s real humans helping real humans.
Gator Smith
Gator Smith
I'm Tammy, I've searched for the perfect ones to help me with meds and therapy. But in all reality you just know that does not exist. I've had my share of them throughout my 35 years dealing with mental health issues. I came across McNulty searching off and on for a very long time. Then Lana and Bjorn were put in my life. Not only do they do their job and very well, they go above and beyond. That's not something they have to do. They do it cuz they truly care and not just for your mental health but for your well-being. Those perfect ones I've been searching for....Lana and Bjorn!! They are the whole package... They are the perfect ones!!
Ellen Pope
Ellen Pope
I was going through a career dilemma and the Counseling helped tremendously on coping skills and pointers on my career transition. It was helpful to have someone to discuss managing new business strategies and the anxiety that comes along with major changes .
Jimmy Caylor
Jimmy Caylor
I’ve been seeing Bjorn for just under a year now and I can truly say that he’s been a huge asset to me ever since my first session, continually helping to improve my quality of life. I came to Bjorn a mental mess and can now say that I’m stronger mentally than I ever could’ve imagined. He’s helped me become a very mindful person, more aware and present in every life situation which is something I was missing out on severely. He’s been able to help someone that didn’t believe they could be helped. If you’re seeking to improve any aspect of your life, I highly recommend checking out McNulty Counseling and Wellness and Bjorn Nagle!
Emily Tripp isn't just an amazing therapist, but also an amazing person. She truly cares about helping in whatever way possible. If you're looking for a therapist, I highly recommend giving her a chance!

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(COVID-19) UPDATE: We are continuing to offer our counseling services during this difficult time for you and your family. We have options to do counseling via a HIPAA-compliant video service similar to FaceTime so that you can receive the same quality counseling from the comfort and safety of your own home. We also continue to offer traditional counseling face to face! McNulty Counseling and Wellness is cleaned and sanitized daily, even before the outbreak, and these cleaning measures will remain in place to ensure the safest and cleanest environment possible. The Department of Veteran Affairs has classified licensed mental health professionals as “Tier 1 – Essential Operations,” so MCW will remain open throughout the duration of this crisis to serve the Tampa Bay Area! #spreadlovenotviruses