Art Therapy

Encouraging a hands-on approach to therapy

Art Therapy utilizes art materials and creative processes to promote mental wellness and achieve clinical goals. It improves cognitive functions, boosts self-esteem, builds emotional resilience, enhances social skills, and helps resolve conflicts and distress.

What is an Art Therapist?

Art therapists are master-level clinicians trained to work ethically with diverse populations across various settings. They support individuals dealing with medical and mental health issues, and those seeking emotional and creative growth. Notably, using art in counseling does not equate to professional Art Therapy.

Artwork becomes a tangible element in the therapy session.

Something direct and real, something which can be revisted and reflected upon in subsequent sessions and to serve as an indicator of progress or change.

Art making can break through verbal, emotional, and mental barriers.

This allows us to express emotions, thoughts, or experiences that are difficult to discuss or even acknowledge as an issue.

How Art Therapy is beneficial.

It is especially beneficial for clients who have difficulty articulating the emotions they are feeling due to anxiety or being overly self-critical. By utilizing the powerful and empirically supported techniques of Art Therapy, individuals in this type of counseling can dig deeper into the underlying issues that are causing their mental health issues.

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