Anxiety Therapy

Counseling for Anxiety, Stress, Fear & Worry.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and tense throughout the day? Do you feel paralyzed, fearful, or unable to deal with daily activities?

Is it a struggle to control your excessive worries or irrational expectations?

Life’s challenges can leave you drained and overwhelmed.

You’re tired of the stress and constant worry.  Maybe you haven’t always thought of yourself as an “anxious person.” But man, you sure feel anxious these days! Sometimes the anxiety builds slowly and other times it feels like it comes out of nowhere.

The truth is that Stress and Anxiety Disorders are some of the most common mental health issues facing Americans today.  We live in a world full of stress.  Expectations are constantly shifting. Society as a whole puts pressure on us to perform well.

Common Symptoms & 
Signs of Anxiety—

Anxiety can motivate us to act and make important changes in our lives.  However, ongoing and severe stress can actually be harmful to your health and lead to serious physical health conditions.

Feeling Restless

Feeling Nervous

Inability to Relax


Excessive Worry

Difficulty Sleeping

Constantly Fatigued

Lack of Motivation

Trouble with Concentration

We Understand the Frustration Anxiety Can Cause.

As mental health experts, our compassionate counselors understand your frustration and pain. We have helped others struggling with anxious thoughts and fears that have consumed other areas of their lives.

When your ability to live life to its fullest starts to become impacted, it may be time to talk to someone about how to build personal strategies to cope with anxiety and take back your independence.

a woman sitting on a couch in need of anxiety therapy

Meet our therapists specializing in Anxiety Therapy.

If You’re Experiencing These Symptoms, It May Be Time For Professional Help.