Our Rates

McNulty Counseling Therapy Session Time Structures.

Individual Counseling


Per Session

A single, 1 hour counseling session to help you find your best self.

Couples & Marriage/Family Counseling


Per Session

1-Hour Intake/Regular Session: $200-$225
2-Hour Intake Session: $400-$450

Psychiatric Services


Per Session

Initial Intake: $300
30-Minute Follow-Up Visit: $150

We accept most United, Aetna, and Cigna plans

*It’s important to know that the frequency of sessions will be heavily dependent on each person’s individual circumstances and response to therapy. Our most successful therapy outcomes vary in terms of session frequency:

  • Most adults find success with an 8-session program.
  • Couples typically benefit from a 6-session program.
  • Children and teenagers also tend to benefit from an 8-session program.

*New patients are responsible for a non-refundable deposit of the full price of their first appointment. If you need to change your appointment and let us know at least 48 hours or more in advance, we’ll use this deposit to apply to your next scheduled session. However, if you don’t give us 48-hour notice before canceling, you’ll be charged the full session fee.

*Regarding our services: A clinical hour lasts 50 minutes (80 or 110 minutes for intake). Ending the session 10 minutes before the hour allows the therapist to schedule your next session, write progress notes, and prepare for your next appointment. Case conceptualization/treatment planning is essential to provide you with the most effective therapy possible.

Children & Teenagers:

The first session is 60 minutes and always includes the clinician and the parent(s). This helps us get a background and perspective that children/teens may not necessarily share with us as counselors.

It’s important to be as detailed as possible to help your clinician conceptualize the most efficient and effective treatment. Every session after is 60 minutes, one-on-one with your child/teen.


The first 60-minute session is a clinical intake interview. As a holistic counseling center, we look at every area of your life to get a better understanding of what makes you, you.

We explore your life growing up, friends, family, job/academics, what you do for fun, your relationship with yourself, sleep, diet, exercise, spirituality (if it pertains to you) and more! Every session after is 60 minutes unless you and your therapist have discussed alternatives.


Our custom-tailored approach to couples counseling offers a choice between a one-hour or two-hour initial intake session allowing us to address the urgency and complexity of your relationship concerns effectively.

We’ve found clients on the verge of separation or divorce may want a longer intake than someone who has communication issues with their partner. Every couple is different. Subsequent sessions are a standard 60 minutes, but we can adapt to your needs, offering 1-3 hour sessions upon request.

Our goal is to provide the support and guidance your relationship deserves and our client care coordinator will make a recommendation based on your situation but ultimately, the choice is yours!

How Often Should I Come to Counseling?

This is completely up to you! You know your needs, and we will happily give you professional recommendations based on your treatment goals. We will never force this process, or make you feel bad about adding time between sessions. Our goal isn’t to make you dependent on therapy, but to help you to become the expert of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that you can enjoy life again.

McNulty Counseling Clinicians Are Out-of-Network

  • We are a self-submitting private practice and unfortunately do not manage insurance claims. Many of our clients are reimbursed directly from their insurance company and some clients report reimbursement rates between 50%-90%.

    We provide you with a monthly Superbill (Statement for Insurance Reimbursement) that contains your procedure and diagnostic code for the insurance company. They will use this to reimburse you for the maximum amount of each session. If you have any reimbursement questions, we recommend that you contact your insurance company first as they can best answer your concerns regarding coverage. Common insurance companies that our clientele have reported reimbursement are:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Aetna
    • United
    • Cigna

    We DO accept FHA and FSA payments!

Our Main Focus Is Helping You

We encourage all of our clients to get the insurance representatives first and last name, as well as a confirmation number. It has been our experience that some representatives will miscommunicate, and create an uncomfortable situation for the therapist and client. 

With us, you control your confidentiality. Insurance providers require a diagnosis for payment and keep records of treatment. This may not be beneficial to some of our clients based on their profession or other factors. Your privacy is important to us, and we value your care.

Why We Don’t Accept Insurance:

Since our counseling center was founded, we have never accepted insurance to keep your information 100% confidential. The Department of Health and Human Services reported over 20,000 HIPAA violations last year, with many of them being by the provider, the insurance company, or the third-party who is handling the information.

Like a game of telephone, the more transactions that occur with your information, the higher the likelihood of it getting into the wrong hands (or eyes). When you meet with a therapist at McNulty Counseling & Wellness, they will be the only person who has access to your private information.

Insurance companies require a diagnosis by the clinician in order for them to cover your appointment cost. Even if you or your child may not require a diagnosis, they still require us to diagnose. This diagnosis can go on your permanent medical record, which can hinder your chances of receiving a job in the government, becoming a pilot, receiving certain benefits by an employer, etc. You should be able to receive counseling without being labeled.

Insurance companies decide the length of your treatment, not the qualified professionals who are treating you. Private pay allows flexibility, without having to stress about the duration and frequency of your sessions. 


The time scheduled with your therapist is reserved for you and for you only. It is imperative that you notify your clinician or the office 24 hours before a missed appointment. If we have not received any notice, you will be charged for the full session of your appointment. 

We understand that life comes at us fast. A canceled appointment hurts three people: you, your therapist, and another client who could have potentially used your time slot. When a session is canceled without enough notice, we are unable to fill the time slot by offering it to another client. If you need to cancel or reschedule, we will gladly accommodate your situation as long as we have the 24 hours notice.