Nice to meet you!

My name is Carolyn McNulty

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Guardian Ad Litem

When I’m asked, “Why do you do what you do?” If you envision your life as a puzzle, with all the pieces as facets of your life, and suddenly one day that puzzle shatters because you are struggling with something. I get to assist my clients with putting their puzzle back together again. I have an opportunity to inspire hope, and in doing so, I get to change lives.

My specialties are:

Individual therapy (18 +), Anxiety Disorders, Grief, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Parent/Child Relationships, Setting Healthy Boundaries, Stress Reduction, Life Transition, Walk and Talk Therapy and Telehealth

Let's get to know each other!

Your mental health is determined not only by the number of great moments and milestones we experience but also by how we manage through the more difficult ones. I directly equip my clients with practical strategies for coping, healing, and creating balance. My goal for my clients is to be the best version of themselves and create life-giving moments. I typically combine CBT with holistic psychology as an approach to therapy. Cultivating mindfulness, expressing gratitude, and changing the negative thought-habit loop while encouraging lifestyle changes and healing past hurts are just a few ways to re-balance your life. Because I am so active and enjoy being in nature, I also offer my clients Therapy in Motion or Walk and Talk therapy. It’s a great way to get a daily workout while receiving the powerful benefits of therapy and nature. Clients report an elevated mood and sense of well-being when we take our therapeutic session outside and walk!!

A bit more about me…

I graduated from USF, receiving both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I’ve been serving my clients and students for over 25 years. Initially, I was a Certified Guidance Counselor for the state of Florida, grades K-12. I served over 18 years as a Guidance Counselor in both the public and private schools in Pinellas County.

I was a lead member of the County Crisis Team, where I utilized crisis counseling techniques in dealing with trauma, sudden deaths, and suicides, and I still serve as an active Crisis Counselor. I volunteer as a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem for the 6th Judicial Circuit Court system, where I advocate for the best interest of abused, abandoned, and neglected children. I am a member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the American Psychological Association.

I have served in various capacities at The Alpha House and passionately support charities such as the Children’s Dream Fund, St. Vincent De Paul, HEP (Homeless Empowerment Program) and Hospice. I constantly stay up to date with research on the latest approaches to managing anxiety, grief, and relationship issues. I have been featured on NBC’s channel 8 Bloom series with Gayle Guyardo for the past few years.

Identifying the right therapist is life-changing, and I’m confident I can assist you in viewing life’s transitions as an opportunity for growth and personal development. Together, let’s place the right pieces together in your life for optimal emotional growth.

My Fun Facts:

  • I own a teal saxophone (a gift from my oldest son Travis), and I will learn how to play it one day. It’s been on my bucket list! I have no clue how to play it yet, and in fact, I have no clue how even to put it together, but I know that I want to be able to play it eventually.
  • I love laughing – my husband and my sons provide me with ample opportunities to belly laugh frequently. When I go to work, I listen to Joel Osteen on the radio for a spiritual boost, and on the way home after a long day, I listen to Comedy Central. My favorite comedians are Jim Gaffigan, Steven Wright, and Will Farrell (who can forget the “little Debbie SNL skit”? and Mitch Hedberg.
  • I love to travel with family and friends. I recently went to Greece and Ireland to celebrate my 35th anniversary.  Making memories with friends and family is so important to me. Locally, one of my favorite places to visit is Longboat Key/St. Armand’s circle!
  • I love game night with friends and family! Heads Up, Sequence, Blank Slate, Cards Against Humanity (still don’t understand 1/2 of the deck), and Catan. My favorite games are during Christmas Eve with family… lighted golf ball contests, races, raffles, etc.
  • I LOVE food!! Seriously, it’s my favorite thing. I love enjoying food for all it has to offer. That said, I’m not a good cook; my husband is. I am good at making reservations and ordering out. And by the way, I’m not a fan of vegetables!!