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We're always looking for great people to join our staff.

So who is our ideal candidate? It’s not all about credentials

Our philosophy centers on holistic balance and wellness. We seek a self-motivated therapist who thrives without micromanagement, excelling in delivering top-notch psychotherapy independently. Candidates should also actively participate in our bi-monthly group supervision, benefiting from the insights of over 10 experienced therapists across various specialties.

Our practice prioritizes excellence and punctuality, with a mission to break mental health stigmas and enhance community well-being. At MCW, you’ll find a supportive, upbeat environment that balances the intense demands of our work with positivity and laughter. If you share these values, we’d love to hear from you.

Working at McNulty Counseling

You will see clients face-to-face, following national COVID prevention standards, and may also provide virtual services via Doxy.ME. Our practice serves individuals, children, adolescents, families, and couples, specializing in anxiety, depression, self-injurious behavior, trauma, parent-child relationships, anger management, divorce/separation, and grief counseling. 

You’ll primarily conduct one-on-one therapy sessions, but family sessions are encouraged when beneficial. Experience with couples therapy is a plus. As a director with diverse experience, I prioritize allowing clinicians to manage their therapy sessions freely within the 50-minute hour, adhering only to legal and ethical standards.

I support innovative counseling techniques and continuous education to enhance your effectiveness and client care.

How Does the Day-to-Day Look?

We equip you with a furnished office, two full-time administrative assistants, high-speed internet, practice management software, and payment processing without clinician fees. You’ll benefit from a substantial advertising budget and expert marketing consultancy to establish your reputation as a leading specialist. All this is provided in a premium building to help you quickly build a full clientele.

Your primary duty is to maintain excellence in client counseling. Responsibilities include charging clients at the time of service, writing progress notes, and handling some scheduling. Your daily routine involves arriving on time, conducting 50-minute sessions, and using the final 10 minutes for administrative tasks.

You’ll end your day free from overhead and management concerns, focusing solely on providing top-notch counseling and going home stress-free.


Our Business Model

Your focus should be on day-to-day responsibilities and reaching personal goals, so the business covers all overhead. This practice was created so those passionate about counseling can focus on counseling and counseling only.

Community Involvement

At McNulty Counseling and Wellness, we seek long-term team members and require a one-year non-compete agreement for the Tampa Bay area, effective after a 45-day trial period. We encourage transparency, so ask any questions to ensure a comfortable fit. Clinicians are expected to actively develop their client base and participate in community activities monthly.

You also have the opportunity to appear on NBC’s Bloom to share your expertise on mental health topics, although this is optional.

Job Requirements

Clients pay at the time of service as we do not accept insurance, ensuring prompt bi-weekly payments without insurance delays. Clients may opt to seek reimbursement from their insurance providers independently.


  • Active Florida (FL) license
  • Minimum Master’s Degree in a Mental Health field; PhD preferred
  • Understanding of the dynamics of a self-pay private practice

Upon joining, clinicians are expected to have 30 hours of availability weekly, with a minimum of 20 face-to-face clinical hours, typically averaging over 25. Our marketing agency helps tailor your client base, allowing you to work with your ideal clients. 

Availability directly influences how quickly we can build your clientele. Compensation is per client session, important to consider for potential earnings, especially as client numbers increase following initial onboarding.

A Note from Clinical Director and Founder, Travis McNulty

Before Applying:

Please review the details provided to confirm your fit with our center. If interested, include in your cover letter:

  • Your reasons for believing you’re a good match for our center
  • Your ideal client and why you chose to be a therapist
  • Your preferred caseload and weekly schedule, noting that weekend availability is beneficial


We aim to tailor schedules to individual preferences, with options ranging from 4 to 5 workdays and seeing 20-30 clients weekly. Availability for at least two evenings per week (until 7pm) is required, with three evenings preferred to quickly build your client base. Weekend hours can also accelerate this process. We accommodate virtual sessions through

If you meet these criteria, we look forward to your application!

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