Couples Counseling

Helping Couples Improve Their Relationship

The average couple waits about six years before seeking any kind of professional help.

You don’t have to live with a struggling relationship. You can find that spark again with the help of one of our many highly-experienced couples counselors.

Building Better Communication in Relationships

Our counseling services offer a safe environment where couples can learn and practice effective communication techniques.

You and your partner will discover how to feel heard, understood, and accept each other, transforming conflicts into positive interactions and overcoming destructive conversation habits like contempt, defensiveness, and criticism.

Why Couples Seek Therapy

We seem to argue about the same two or three things over and over without ever getting anywhere.

We can’t seem to talk anymore without getting defensive or critical towards one another.

I feel uncomfortable with conflict, and I feel like I can’t bring up how I’m feeling inside without it being misunderstood or misconstrued.

We act like roommates, acquaintances, or even business partners with little to no romance or intimacy.

My partner is so emotional that when they bring something up I avoid the situation completely or close off.

We are having issues with sexual functioning in our relationship and would like guidance on how to improve.

There has been infidelity, and we don’t know what to do next.

Every couple’s marriage journey is unique.

Your treatment will be as well. However, here are some of the common things you and your partner will learn:

a couple holding hands happily after a couples therapy session
How to Make the Most of Couples Counseling
  • Due to the complexity of couple therapy, it is very important to work with a seasoned professional who has the expertise along with several years of experience and specialized training in couples therapy.
  • Make sure you and your partner are on the same page regarding what you hope to accomplish with couples therapy. Are you both ready and committed to improving the relationship?
  • Schedule a time for couples counseling when you aren’t rushed to get to an appointment so that you can arrive for therapy sessions as relaxed and centered as possible.
  • Move over egos! Being overly focused on who’s right and who’s wrong can make progress very difficult.
  • Be prepared to work outside of session and do any homework your therapist assigns. Amazing things can happen but follow-through is imperative.
  • Remind yourself to focus more on the end goal and what you want to accomplish as a couple on the same team over who’s at fault for what.
  • Sometimes one partner has already mentally checked out and is doing couples therapy solely for their partners sake and to check a box. In this case we recommend you coming in to talk to our couples counselor individually to give you tips on approaching your partner in addition to receiving guidance for your role in your relationship.

Couples Counseling Can Help Improve Relationships in the Following Areas:

Remove the anger and sadness of feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.

Resolve recurring problems by getting to the root of the disconnect and then addressing and resolving the underlying issues.

Going from little or no emotional connection with your partner to revitalizing the love and connectivity that was once there.

Rebuild trust and optimism in the relationship.

Create a lasting bond of renewed admiration and emotional connectivity to your partner.

Meet our therapists specializing in Couples Counseling.

If You’re Experiencing These Symptoms, It May Be Time For Professional Help.